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McKinney York Celebrates 40 Years of Design!

Over the last four decades, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on hundreds of projects, each rooted in our desire to connect people to each other and the world round them by creating architecture that engages, inspires, and belongs.

“We believe our work is better when all voices are heard, and we are deeply committed to improving the built environment through inclusive and sustainable design. As we look ahead to the next decades and our continued growth in central Texas, we remain committed to our mission to create architecture that resonates across the full breadth of people’s humanity – their minds, their hearts, and their senses.”

– Heather McKinney, FAIA, RID, Founder

Winter Park Residence

Winter Park Residence View Project

You can explore the studio to gain insight into our design philosophy and approach, or see our ideas come to life by viewing our work.

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Texas School for the Deaf Administration and Welcome Center and Early Learning Center

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Project Details

The Texas School for the Deaf, the oldest continuously operating public school within the state, has added a new campus gateway building developed under the Texas Facilities Commission. By engaging with both the rich heritage and exciting future of the school, the 25,000 SF Welcome Center and Early Learning Center offers innovative and inspiring new administrative and educational environments that foster a sense of belonging for the Deaf community of the state and beyond.

The new building was designed to adhere to DeafSpace principles – a set of design concepts that recognize the unique human experience of deafness and encourage community building, personal safety, communication, and occupant well-being with a focus on the Deaf community. The Welcome Center and Early Learning Center design balances the different functional needs of public and educational spaces within one structure via skillful handling of the building massing to clearly denote the formal entry to the administrative areas separately from the semi-private entry to the classrooms.

The new Welcome Center entry is light and airy, with a double height, glazed lobby with wood finishes that provides a warm and welcoming focus for new visitors. Strategically placed openings between classroom and workspaces for both adults and children in the Early Learning Center facilitate unobstructed visual communication between students and teachers. Round and curved spaces forming generous communal areas are featured throughout the design, enhancing the efficiency of sign language communication and actively encouraging formal and informal gathering. In embracing the spirit of inclusivity of the Texas School for the Deaf, the Welcome Center and Early Learning Center creates spaces of engagement and belonging for all.


  • Community Impact, March 2022