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Sea Breeze Residence

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Project Details

This vacation home was created for an avid saltwater fisherman and his family. As a coastal property, care was taken to capture breezes and views, encouraging inhabitants to slow down and soak in the ambiance. At the same time, the building is designed to withstand storms and the corrosive effects of salt air. Awareness of natural elements, including being kind to other inhabitants of the property, is evident in selections like turtle friendly exterior specialty LED lighting.

Careful compositions of color, material, opacity, and transparency create an exterior that is disciplined but playful. The building is layered in planes that accentuate shadow, forming a graceful backdrop to the palm trees, pool, and ocean beyond.

The local coral stone used on the exterior is also seen inside, thus reinforcing a sense of place. Pops of saturated color balance the soothing palette of materials, art, and furnishings, never distracting from the breathtaking setting. High light from clerestories washes across interior surfaces and opens up views to the sky. The luminous volumes are easy-going and simple, but contain a few surprises. In the primary bath, the architect and client created a unique pattern of custom handmade tile.

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